Dear sailing guests

Welcome to Hobro Yacht Club

Hobro Marina
Hobro Marina

Our yacht club is at your disposal.

On the first floor of the club you will find a living and dining room with a kitchen and 2 toilets.
You are welcome to use the vending machine for beer and soft drinks. Toilets and bathrooms
you'll find on the ground floor.

You can buy diesel at the filling station situated on the harbour. The attendants of the harbour
will help you fill your boat with fuel.

The fee is 175 kr. per night incl. electricity and bath.

You pay by filling in the printed envelope and post it in the letterbox.

On the opposite side of Mariager there is a small nice inlet called 'Høllet'.
(The first landing stage is private and is allowed to be used only by the owner and of the
members of the yacht clubs in Hobro and Hadsund.
- To avoid trouble you are kindly asked not to use this landing stage.)

You are very welcome to use the berths in the private harbour behind the landing
stage in Høllet.

Together with the other yacht clubs in Mariager Fjord we have laid out 20 yellow mooring
buoys. All our guests are welcome to use these buoy - see chart 110 for position.

We wish you all a pleasant stay in this beautiful part of Denmark!

Kind regards from Hobro Yacht Club